The Students Body

Student Body

The term student body refers to the entirety of all students enrolled at a university. 

The institutions of the student body represent the interests of the students towards the university, the university administration and the public. They are constituted democratically. 

The basic idea of this political self-government is that the students themselves can best take care of their own interests. For this reason, they elect various committees which are listed below. In order to be able to fulfill the tasks of the student body, a fee is charged to the students which is included in the semester fee.


The General Student Committee (AStA)

In order to represent the interests of the students, the AStA is divided into different political and autonomous departments. All tasks that occur are processed in the responsible department or by the executive committee. At the weekly and public plenary sessions of the AStA the representatives meet, discuss current problems and coordinate their work. The plenary session takes place every Thursday at 5:15 pm during the semester and every 14 days during the semester break. 


Autonomous plenary sessions

The autonomous departments are not elected by the entire student body, but by the respective groups they represent. Every year there are plenary sessions for the interests of students with children, women*, international students, students with disabilities and queer students from which representatives are elected to the AStA. 


The Student Parliament (StuPa)

All students directly elect the student parliament once a year. Traditionally, political university groups support the student parliament. In general, every properly enrolled student can run for office at the university. All candidates compete for the 35 seats in the student parliament. 

The tasks of the student parliament are, among others, the election and control of the General Student Committee (AStA) as well as the decision making about and control of the adherence to the student financial budget. 


Faculties’ Student Bodies

The members of the faculties student bodies represent the students of their respective faculties. They help to clarify subject-related problems and organize events on campus. The representatives are elected at the general meetings of their respective faculties. 


Central Committee for the Faculties’ Student Bodies

The ZeFaR is formed by elected representatives of the faculties student bodies and makes a significant impact on life on campus. The ZeFaR elects an executive board whose members are members of the AStA at the same time. This board coordinates and supports the faculties student bodies in their work on campus and ensures the efficient organization of their structural and financial work. 


Sports Department

The SSA is the institution of all students practicing a sport. It deals with all topics related to university sports in general and organizes events for the general public and competitive sports.