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Welcome to the Page from the AStA-International on the University of Mainz!

The department promotes the interests and concerns of all foreign students at the University of Mainz. The speakers are elected by the General Assembly of Foreign Students for a term of office of two semesters directly by the foreign students and are thus politically independent. All international students are entitled to run for this office.

The General Students' Committee (AStA) of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) is looking for tutors for grammatical and stylistic proofreading of various German-language academic texts by international students as part of the Textcafé project, which is organized and managed by the International Department of the AStA of the JGU.

Your activities

- make grammatical corrections and comment on grammatical deficiencies or suggest a more appropriate expression
- advise students on their writing style so that it is considered scientific (following the usual guidelines)
- Respond to emails from students with questions about their text or language ambiguities

What you bring to the table

- independent, dedicated, and reliable work ethic.
- full command of the German language, especially in scientific style.
- proficiency in other languages is also welcome (especially, but not exclusively, English)
- preferably experience in writing and proofreading scientific texts.
- friendly and open to working with international students

We offer

- remuneration on a fee basis (taxable yourself)
- The amount of work depends on the work demand in the month, as it will be evenly distributed among the whole tutor* team.
- Full home office and flexible working hours
- An open-minded, diverse and dedicated team

Please send your application letter, CV and any questions to:

The AStA would like to counteract existing social disadvantages. In the sense of §5 AGG (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz) we support FLINTA*-Persons1 , People of Color, racialized people, people with disabilities, trans*idente people, queer people, people with migration history, people who are exposed to fatphobia or discrimination due to their weight, working class children, people who are affected by classism or discriminated against due to their social background, people with children, as well as people with any nationality, religion and sexual orientation, or other too


-SUPPORT in the process of integration on campus and in the german community by organizing comprehensive cultural events: Workshops, seminars, TextCafé, etc.

-HELP in overcoming social and legal problems: answering questions about residence and work permits, financial difficulties, housing, job search, etc.

-CONSULTATION and SUPPORT for study-related issues: Admission, change of subject, study organization.

-ORGANISATION of various events: Intercultural celebrations, country evenings, parties, etc.

-ORIENTATION ASSISTANCE for foreign Ersti students, such as an introduction week for fellow students and DSH visitors at the University of Mainz.

The Scholarship Foundation Rhineland-Palatinate and the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) Student Body are providing funds to support students affected by the war in Ukraine with scholarships of up to 1,500.00 EUR as a one-time payment. Applications can only be approved if the applying student can prove that they are in a financial emergency. Funding can be granted only within the limits of available funds. There is no legal entitlement to the scholarship.

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