Help in Financial Aid

Due to the current situation, there are no more personal consultation hours for the time being. Applications can still be made as described below. 

In case you would prefer a telephone consultation, please send us an e-mail with your contact details and information on when we can call you. Alternatively, you can provide these information on our answering machine. 

General Information: 

The AStA is the student representation at the University of Mainz. The Auxiliary Fund receives its funds from the semester contribution and provides students in financial emergencies with grants and loans. 2€ of the semester contribution of each student are directed into the fund. The allocation is made according to the allocation regulations. The fund is administered by the social affairs representatives of the AStA. These are volunteer students elected by the student council. 

You can find general information about financing your studies here. 

How it works:

The social affairs department is your contact when you are in financial need. We can grant for students of the university Mainz and the ISSK interest-free loans, as well as direct financial assistance (which your creditors receive, i.e. landlord, health insurance, the university or you directly), and top-ups for your student card to eat at the university.
You can also come to us if you need information. We offer general advice on how to finance your studies.
Additionaly to a financial assistance from the Hilfsfonds you can apply for a refund of the semesterfee, if your income in the last three months is to low. More informations: Zuschuss zum Semesterticket
The following documents are needed for an application for financial aid and have to be send by mail:

  • Application document for financial assictiance*
  • supplementary sheet*
  • Identity card / passport (incl. residence permit if applicable)
  • current study certificate (document can be downloaded from Jogustine)
  • Bank statements of all accounts in the last 3 months (in copy, also credit card)
  • Certificate of achievement (academic record, can also be downloaded from Jogustine)
  • If applicable: unpaid invoices
  • Additionally, the social affairs department also offers general legal advice and tenancy law advice (for free, given by professionals)

*(these documents must be send by post to AStA or brought to AStA postbox. If you are not able to print the documents, we can send you them by post)