TextCafé – Help with scientific writing

What is the TextCafé?

The TextCafé is a free offer of the AStA International for students of the University of Mainz. In the TextCafé you will get help with grammatical corrections, spelling and stylistic of already written academic texts, for example: presentations, exercises, seminar papers, term papers, final theses, etc.


How does the TextCafé work digitally?

Normally students meet with one of the tutors either at the AStA or on campus. Since the university will remain in emergency operation, the TextCafé appointments for the summer semester 2020 and winter semester 2020/2021 have been cancelled.
If you need support from the TextCafé, we will forward your written work to the tutors. Usually a correction takes a few days. Please note that a maximum of 4 hours per week may be used for proofreading during the lecture period, and 8 hours per week during the lecture-free period. The Text Café also offers online consultations, where you and the tutor read and correct the written work together.

The following steps must be followed:

1. Write us an e-mail from your university account (********@students.uni-mainz.de) Please include the following information in the e-mail:

  • Matriculation number
  • Type of work that needs to be corrected e.g. essay, presentation, term paper, final paper, etc.
  • Title of the paper
  • Text file in Word format

The only ones who have access to your work are the 3 lecturers from the AStA International office and one of the tutors who corrects your work.

2. After receiving your request with the above information, we will contact one of the tutors.

3. A tutor will then contact you by e-mail to discuss the details of reviewing and correcting your work.

4. After the complete correction of your written work, you and we will receive the corrected version of your work.

If you need support from a tutor for another paper or for additional sheets of the same paper, please first write an email to international@asta.uni-mainz.de with the details of step 1 and NEVER to the tutor himself.

If confidential data is used in the written work, we ask you to delete it and send us the text without the confidential data.

The costs for the correction will be paid by the AStA.

We wish you success and fun during your studies!