Executive Board

The Executive Board coordinates the work of the departments and represents the AStA externally if no department is responsible. General inquiries to the General Students’ Committee are forwarded by the secretariat to the responsible department. The Executive Board performs the employer's duties towards the employees of the General Students’ Committee and looks after the infrastructure of the General Students’ Committee.

In cases where a plenary decision can not be made in time, the Executive Board has the authority to make urgent decisions. These decisions can only be made by consensus.

After the responsible representatives or employees have established that the facts and figures are correct, the Executive Board checks all payment instructions and, if everything is correct, orders the payment.

All members of the Executive Board are also members of a department. The first deputy chairperson is also the chairperson of the Central Committee for the faculties’ students' bodies and the second deputy chairperson is also the financial officer of the General Students’ Committee.