All Women* Students

The Department of all Women* Students (AFR) is the representation for all female, non-binary, trans and inter students. As department, the AFR supports the issues and concerns of all people affected by systemic sexism. The AFR advocates for (queer)feminist interests in the student government, the university administration and on campus.  

The AFR is autonomous. This means that the student parliament (StuPa) does not staff the AFR, instead the AFR holds separate elections and its own general assembly. The AFR representatives are held accountable by the general assembly of all female, trans, inter and non-binary students like non-autonomous AStA members are held accountable by the StuPa. Only female, trans, inter and non-binary students are eligible to vote and be elected.  

For almost 30 years, the AFR has been operating the Feminist Library on campus. The Feminist Library considers itself a feminist knowledge archive and safer space for FLINT (female, lesbians, inter, non-binary, trans persons). The space is therefore reserved for FLINT only. The media in the library is nevertheless available for all students. You can find the Feminist Library in the basement of the Philosophicum.  

Moreover, since 2019, the AFR has been running a comprehensive conflict counselling program thanks to our mediator Eva Hock. Every semester Eva offers a FLINT workshop on conflict competences. At the same time Eva is available for walk-in counselling sessions every other Wednesday. For an individual appointment send Eva an e-mail at: 

Besides this program the AFR offers many different events each semester such as lectures, workshops, readings, parties…. Traditionally the AFR has a close bond to its electorate. Therefore, we have regular assemblies for FLINT students in which we update you on our work and vote on event ideas and projects. Join us!  

Assembly: Mondays, 6pm (semester break: every other Monday) in the AStA building.  

If you want to be put on our mailing list, just send us a short email ( and we will add you.