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Information on refund of the semester ticket
Information on subsidy for the semester ticket
Information on the semester ticket

Current Announcements

Germany-wide semester ticket starting in summer semester 2024

JGU students have access to the Deutschland-Semesterticket since 01.04.2024. Like the previous ticket, this is issued on a solidarity basis. This means that all enrolled students are obliged to purchase the Deutschland-Semesterticket - because this is the only way to provide an affordable public transport ticket for students.

Instructions from "Mainzer Mobilität" on how to obtain the ticket can be found here: Instructions for obtaining the Deutschland-Semesterticket (german)

Further information on the Deutschland-Semesterticket can be found on the following university website:

The AStA has summarized the most important information in the following Instagram post: Instagram Post on the Deutschland-Semesterticket (german)

With the introduction of the new ticket, there will be new regulations for semester ticket refunds. For this reason, the student parliament has passed a new hardship regulation, which will apply to refunds from the summer semester 2024. All information can be found on our homepage - please read it carefully before submitting questions to the Department of Transportation. Due to the high number of inquiries relating to the Deutschland-Semesterticket and refunds, there may be delays in receiving answers from the Department of Transport. We apologize for this.

Digital Semester Ticket

As of summer semester 2022, the semester ticket has been offered digitally for all students. With the introduction of the Deutschland-Semesterticket in summer semester 2024, the paper ticket, which could be applied for as a replacement, was also phased out. The AStA is currently in talks with Mainzer Mobilität to offer an analog chip card alternative. Due to high additional costs and various other factors, it has not yet been possible to provide this. As soon as a corresponding chip card is available, we will draw attention to this on our homepage.

How does it work when applying for a refund or subsidy?

You normally have to send your original semester ticket when applying for a refund and a copy when applying for a subsidy. Of course, this is not possible with a digital semester ticket. It is therefore sufficient to submit your application as normal. Proof of a ticket is not required. The AStA will revise the refund website in the near future. Information on the general application process can be found here:

Excursion tips (partially outdated)

We have started to collect some excursion tips for you. This way you can get even more out of your semester ticket. The page is under construction and will be continuously filled with information, pictures and more places.

You find it here: Excursion tips

Your Germany Semester Ticket

As an enrolled student at JGU Mainz, you will receive a Deutschland-Semesterticket, which is financed by your tuition fee. This ticket is valid for local and regional public transportation throughout Germany. You can find a map of the local rail network here: Long-distance and local rail transport: route maps and route network maps (note: page is german, ticket not valid for long-distance transport!).
You can find the route network maps of Mainzer Mobilität here: Liniennetzpläne der Mainzer Mobilität (german)

All further information about the Deutschland-Semesterticket can be found here: Information on the Semester Ticket. (outdated, overhaul in progress)

Refund and subsidy of the Deutschland-Semesterticket

The application period for the summer semester 2024 for most refund applications is
01 March 2024 until 28 April 2024.
The application website will be activated on the first day of the application period.
You can find more information on refunds, a step-by-step guide on how to apply and all the important info (explanations, reason for application to be selected, documents required, application periods) here:
Information on refund of the semester ticket
This is a so-called cut-off deadline. This means that once the deadline has passed, you will no longer be able to apply for a refund for the semester in question. This applies even if you could actually get a refund. This means that the application must be received in time and that a postponement or extension of the deadline is not possible.
Infos zur Rückerstattung des Semestertickets
Under certain circumstances you can get a refund of your semester ticket. In the course of this, however, you also lose the rights that go with it. This means, for example, that you have to buy tickets if you want to use public transport.You can find all info here:
Information on refund of the semester ticket
Infos zum Zuschuss zum Semestertickets
Under certain conditions you can receive a subsidy for the semester ticket. The subsidy is a financial support to help students who have financial difficulties to pay the semester ticket. Therefore, the semester ticket is not invalidated in this case.You can find all info here:
Information on subsidy for the semester ticket

The Hardship Regulations apply to the refund and the subsidy. Here you can find the PDF version of the Hardship Regulations (in German) as well as a web page with explanations of the Hardship Regulations (in English).

Bike and car sharing

As a student of the University of Mainz you have the possibility to use bike and car sharing offers. You can find all information here: Bike and car sharing