Report irregularities

You can report all misdemeanour by lecturers or the university to the AStA. This includes discriminatory behavior of any kind as well as mandatory attendance and other deficiencies regarding studies and teaching. 

Discriminatory behavior such as racism, sexism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, homophobia and transphobia as well as all other forms of discrimination, such as discrimination based on social origin, appearance or disability, and nationalism have no place at our university. If you encounter such behavior from one of our lecturers, you have the opportunity to report these incidences here. 

According to the current interdisciplinary and most of the subject-specific examination regulations as well as the university law of Rhineland-Palatinate, no lecture or seminar may require actual attendance in order to complete the module/course. There is no basis for attendance checks in such lectures and seminars.  There may further not be repercussions for repeated absences. Exceptions are field trips, internships and practical exercises such as language courses.  

This means that access to teaching materials (scripts, slides, etc.) must not be made dependent on actual attendance. If such materials are made available, all registered course participants must be able to access them (i.e., passwords for password-protected materials must be given upon request). Since some lecturers do not adhere to these requirements, we would like to use this form to notify us of such violations so that we can take steps to ensure that the examination regulations are also adhered by the lecturers.  

 In addition, there may also be various irregularities in teaching. These range from rare seminar places to inadequate equipment in courses. You can also report such deficiencies here so that we can present them collectively to the university administration.