Pilot project Digital semester ticket

Starting with the winter semester 2021/22, the digital semester ticket will be introduced for M.Ed. students on a trial basis. For this purpose, the Student Services sent out a first information mail to all M.Ed. students at the beginning of August.

What is the process for a refund or subsidy request?

Normally, you have to send the original semester ticket when applying for a refund, and a copy of it when applying for a subsidy. Of course, this is not possible with a digital semester ticket.

Therefore, please proceed as follows:

  • Submit your application "as usual". You can find an explanation of how to do this here:
  • Write in your application that you are part of the pilot group for the Digital Semester Ticket Pilot Project. You can either write this down by hand or enter it in the remarks field when creating your application online.

Still open questions

We are still in discussion with Student Services regarding the following questions, among others, in order to make it as convenient as possible for you students:

  • How does the ticket control work if I do not have data reception at the moment?
  • What if my battery dies before the check?

These questions will be clarified in due time. You will then receive the corresponding information here on the pages of the AStA Department of Transport.

FAQ on the digital semester ticket pilot project

Das FAQ zum digitalen Semesterticket findet ihr hier: FAQs appbased Ticket